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Episode 87: The Big Bad Switch!

Hey everyone, Coach here with your weekly recap from Episode 87!

First up was the brew world order and my favorite intro song, if it’s not yours too then I’m sorry but, you’re wrong. The dudes picked up the Fanny Pack Kölsch from Circle Brewing located in Austin, TX. A repeat, as yours truly had brought it in previously but, this time a twist, the guys liked it better!!

This week Los, Nick and Brandon cover the big switch. Any guesses which switch!? If you already heard the episode you know. Los led the guys into the nitty gritty of the flip flop of Republican and Democratic political platform policies. Diving into the deep end of where it all started and bringing it all the way up to date. It definitely got heated at points and it was a great history lesson into the parties policies.

Brandon brought in a True and False trivia game that was based on Los’s silly commentary about coriander seeds. That’s right… a fun game based on seed trivia. Can you guess who won? Tune in to find out and play along.

In the news the guys covered inappropriate snacking. Well if you can call biting balls a snack. Ha! They also talked about KomPOOcha. I myself am gonna order the Bottoms Up KomPOOcha smoothie. Oh man, you need to listen to hear the details. Finally the guys talk about Black Lung Disease making a resurgence in the United States. Keep your lawyer on speed dial for this one.

Alright folks, That’s my recap of the week. We can’t wait for you to hear next weeks episode!

Coach out!

Check out this weeks brew world order brewery:

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