Episode 71 According to Coach

Welcome to Emergency Exit episode 71! Tonight we pop it open with a brew world order. We tried out Circle Brewing Co.’s Blur hefe and gave her a good ol rank on the one to fiver scale. Have you tried it? What do you think? Hit us up at emergencyexitpodcast@gmail.com. And Hey! while you’re telling us what ya thinking the brew go ahead and give the question of the week a shot. You could win an official Emergency Exit Podcast swag bag! I mean really, Who doesn’t like swag. It’s Swag.

Here’s the question ... “When druggist and chemist, John Pemberton, invented this beverage in Columbus, Georgia in 1886 he referred to it as ‘Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage’. What do we know it as today?”. I’d go with celebrated stomach bitters but, then I’d be out of a swag bag.


After wettin’ our whistles we hopped into the news. You can bet your bottom we covered stories in the news about zoo poop, ancient middle fingers, and even The Simpson’s Apu. We got a call from Mr. Coach and Los is on the hunt for a nickname. I’m thinking Los “McMustacheFace” Richard. Gonna have to workshop that.

So saddle up, settle in, grab a drink and a grab a friend. That’s right!

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