Emergency Exit 

The Rewatch Party

Our newest show that features former host and movie fanatic, Nick "The Passion" Reiter as he takes the lead role in this movie review podcast.

Supported by Carlos Richard and producer Brandon, each week they re-watch a movie from Nicks personal collection of good, bad, and questionable movies while scoring its re-watch ability.  

Our flagship show that started as a way to debunk outrageous conspiracy theories and critically challenge the less outrageous ones. 

After cutting our teeth and working out the kinks in producing the show, we've undergone a few co-host changes and format changes, as well as formatting and content focus. 

After nearly a hundred episodes we've realized our passion lies in news and politics. Upon this realization EmEx staff learned a lot about our own political standings all the while bringing people the news and current events. 

The show as a whole has finally settled on a center/center Right stance on most thing politics, but really focus on things from the moderate/Libertarian viewpoint. We, as a show feel the middle voice has long been under represented and often times not heard in our current start of extreme Left and Right views. 

From the Left Hash

A show for the sports fans hosted by J.J. with his relief pitcher Ernest talk the latest in all things ball, MMA, and so much more. 

*Show is currently on hiatus due to COVID

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