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Episode 50 celebration at Austin Daily Press

Is there a better way to wrap up a long week than to kick back with some grub and a beer? What if that beer was free? Absolutly free, just show up and say Id like a beer please, thats it! If that is something you might be into then you need to swing by Austin Daily Press every Friday for no frills free beer!

On this show we featured a kick ass person otherwise known as Jimmy Preston, facial hair enthusiast as well as the 2017 world beard championship judge and Mc.

Jimmy sat down with us as told us a few stroes about his life. At some point he has had a few songs written about him and something about a woman dying to meet him; You will have to listen to the full episode for the stories, trust us, they are worth it.

We also played another round of the "What am I" audio quiz game with a special theme, spoiler alert it was an all songs that involve the number 50 theme, for our 50th show!

As always we can be found on Facebook, twitter, Instagram.

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