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Can I get an episode count?!

Golly gee wiz! 50 episodes!

50 episodes?! Wow! Thats kind of a big deal, I mean we have done this 50 times, consistently nonetheless. So if you havent heard we will be doing a live show for our number 50. We are breaking away from the Brew World Tour (be sure to catch us a Adelberts Brewery for three, count em 3 weeks in October).

We are stepping out from out floating tin can far above the world and stepping over to Austin Daily Press. We are going to chat with some of the personnel at ADP and hear some sandwich slinging stories, we are going to have a special guest on as well. Its going to be a full, but great show.

So what are we going to go on about this time? Well this time we will be doing a news episode. We will be bringing you the news from all around the world. This isnt the same old news you hear ever day, we dig for the lesser known, sometimes more humor filled news stories. However, we will be playing "spot the not" news edition! Come check it out for more details.

Also, back by popular demand, the "what am I" game audio edition! Everyone seems to love this lesser known game, but it is ever growing in popularity, and its your chance to play for your shot at the GOLDEN JAZZ MASTER!

Its going to be a great time, oh, FREE BEER. Now you have to come.

Austin Daily Press is located at:

1900 MLK Jr. Blvd. Austin, Texas

On the corner of MLK and Chicon, adjacent Juiceland and The Wheel.

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