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The war that's failed us all!

Tonight we tackled a very deep and wide topic. The War on wait for it..... DRUGS!

Nick joins us back in studio, he is back from Special Assignment and refuses to tell us because he had the impression that it was a secret assignment, so we are with holding reimbursing him for the disguises he erroneously purchased.

We go over some of the downfalls of the effect the war on drugs has had since its inception. The amount of non-violent offenders who are locked away doing life sentences due to the introduction of mandatory minimums is mind boggling.

This has become a problem and it is only recently people are starting the change their minds and outlook on drugs and its users. Marijuana is rapidly growing in acceptance by the public, some of this could be contributed to this current generation of people coming of age and voicing their viewpoints to their civic leaders and in turn things can start changing as public outlook gains momentum on the use and sale of cannabis.

From coke being used in coke, to the post-prohibition surge in drinkers, we touch on all sorts of fronts in this war, and even breakdown the history of some states and their delayed enforcement of the repeal of prohibition, Kansas, I'm talking about you.

40 years has past and the end is no where in sight, and that is how they want to keep it. War is money, they want a war with no END! Its the perfect scheme.

Join us next week as we ill be taking on the post-eclipse blues and I'm sure we will bring you the news and maybe another new game, or just an old game with a new topic and theme.

Ladies and gentlmen this has been another episode of Emergency Exit Podcast, our episodes can be found on our soundcloud page, click here for a redirect.

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