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A program that started out as a way for us to debunk crazy Conspiracy Theories. We interviewed “Kick Ass People”, experts, avid researchers, hobbyists, flat and hollow earthers, and authors. We soon found out any strange, crazy, and quirky topics are not off limits and we wanted to talk about it. Information is brought forth in a mostly serious matter, however some topics are just too hard NOT to crack wise at.

However, over time we have perfected our area of focus and that includes discussing news and politics from a Center/Center-Right Libertarian viewpoint. 

We've a few co-host changes over the years but in our current set-up, Carlos and David take up the lead roles, while Producer Brandon heads up the technology aspect. 

As avid drinkers, we bring you the “Brew World Order” our beer rating segment. Beers are rated by a patent pending and simple scale of 1 to 5 “That’s Rights”. We've also broadcasted live from local breweries and rated the beer along with the brew masters and staff behind the brew.

Find us on most podcast platforms, iTunes, Google Music, Podbean, Podcast Addict, and streamed live on Facebook.

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