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Battle of the Pods!

Tonight we sat down with some very special and kick ass people. Phil and Nick from the My Thing Can Beat Your Thing podcast. They are based right here in the Austin area and we managed to get together with them to put EmExPod up against MTCBYT to see who would win in an all out battle to the death that involved scrotum biting, firearms, and a move I wont even try to describe, you will just have to listen to the show to hear MTCBYT's signature finishing move, SPOILER ALERT, we lose, but they battled like true gentleman.

We also played a game of idiot of idiom with the guys with Los as the master of quiz and Brandon representing the EmExPod. Nick "The Passion" was out on special assignment, something about pole holes and hollow Earth; he is determined to find those holes, he will join us next week back in studio. At the end of the game Brandon pulled ahead and secured the win for team EmEx. We however did still award the guys with the GOLDEN JAZZMASTER for making it all the way to our floating tin can, far above the Austin skyline.

We had a great time with these guys. If you are ever looking for some BS conjecture to the max, but presented in a clean format, follow our link to their page and give them a like, those guys are alright by our standard.

Weve got a big 50th show coming us super fast! We have a few things in limbo now, working to finalize a venue for this big celebration, when we know the links will be posted and we will expect to see you out for a great time and at least a few laughs.

You can find the guys from MTCBYT here. They are local based and as always, support your local stuff, pods included!

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