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Hollow Earth 2.0

Tonight we went back into the mystic as we found another person who is an avid fan and dare we say researcher of the Hollow Earth Theory. We have yet to determine a title to give these believers in this theory, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to send them in and if we pick yours Im sure we have a prize lying around somewhere we can award you with.

Anyway, back to it, Hollow Earth 2.0. We spoke with a gentleman by the name of Marvin "The Unmatched" Johnson. He came to us from the internet, where all things unmatched come from. We never clarified weather or not "The Unmatched" pertained to he has yet to be matched in a battle of his choosing, or if it lies more along the lines of nothing matching on him, i.e., two different color eyes. Maybe we can do a H.E. 2.1 and find out once and for all.

The interview started as if we had never heard of the H.E. and were a blank slate; Mr. Johnson did a great job to break this concept down into a conversation with some Q&A, we all shared some laughs and all walked away having learned at least a little bit of information.

All in all we had a great show filled with H.E., we even had a Game of Thrones reference thrown in there, we brought you the news, and dont call it a come back but we went-a-Flearthin'!

So if you missed out show thats fine, the audio is in its normal place, the live video is at home on our facebook page, and the edited video will be on youtube very very soon.

Have you seen our website yet??!! If not, check it out, but you are reading the blog, which is on the site so, yeah, click around, get familiar with it, we will have more content as time goes on. Send us a message and introduce yourself, tell us which one of us is your favorite, maybe even a joke, we all love a good joke and some of us like bad jokes.

Click here for recent episode with Marvin Johnson. Hollow Earth 2.0

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