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LIVE show from Hi-Sign Brewery


So we changed things up a bit this week as we waited till the end of the week to record a new episode. It was all done with good intention. This week we had our 2nd stop of the Brew World Tour and this time it brought us to Hi Sign Brewing right here in Austin, Texas. It was a special occasion for them, as they just released a beer specifically made for Bangers Beer Garden, also right here in Austin. So when they gave us the change to help them kick off this special occasion we jumped at it.

In this episode we sat down and talked with Andrew, Head Brew Master, from Hi Sign Brewing and he let us in on his favorite brews, how he got started in the business, and where its going. We also talk to some insiders from Bangers Beer Garden and get some pairing tips for beers and sausages.

Our topic to be dicussed for this show was diets, specifically fad diets and how they draw people in under pretenses that weight loss is quick and easy, you don't have to starve yourself, or in some cases, sleep all the time to combat weight gain.

Idiot or idiom made a come back this evening; Nick v Brandon v Dan from the audience.

This was a great location to record our show, the 2 bartenders on staff made up over 50% of the workforce at this brewery. They are very new in game and have only been in operation since February of this year, and if our sources are correct we were the first live performance they have had since opening, so they were more than welcoming to the Emergency Exit Crew. Special shout out to Mark, owner of Hi SIgn, he was not able to make it on to the show, but Andrew and Bryce were more than happy to fill us in.

This brewery is in a great up and coming area of town. It sits right in line with runway 35R/17L at Austin-Bergstrom Internation Airport (KAUS). If you listen at all to the episode you can hear some planes coming in overhead, as the place sits less than a mile from where aircraft are touching down.

They have a great back patio set up, with hammocks and several bean bag toss games, along with other bar type games. They are kid and dog friendly and if you are ever curious about the beer making process these guys will gladly explain it all, they really have a passion for it and it shows when they speak about it and more importantly, it comes out in the final product.

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